Terms of Life care

There is a lifetime lease registered in the resident(s) name on the Title Deed to the Village, ensuring the resident(s) inalienable right to occupy the particular cottage.

This lease is terminated:

  1. On the death of the resident(s)
  2. On resident(s) transferring to another cottage unit in the Village.
  3. By agreement with the Village owners or by sale of the property.

A Resident as a Security Holder surrendering his or her unit, on termination of the lease, the whole of the capital cost paid is refunded to the resident(s) less share of facilities, Life Care Rental for the period of occupancy. Maximum deduction of 27.5% per cottage unit. Life Care payments amortise monthly over four years. Balance is refundable should your occupancy be less than four years.

Less costs of sale on an own solicitor client basis and inspection of documents by village Statutory Supervisor Foundation Corporate Trust, Brooklands Village/Pembrey Investments Limited is obliged to maintain premise exterior of your Cottage Unit (cleaning excluded). For further information details, refer to your registered lease documentation (Occupational Right Agreement) or Brooklands Village Disclosure Statement.

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