Are there any special requirements to become a resident?

At the time of entry applicants need to be over 65 years of age and be able to cope with day to day running of their accommodation.

How does one apply for residency at Brooklands Village?

Initially, this simply involves an interview at the Village. The resident completes an “Application Form” for the selected cottage and pays a holding deposit held in Trust. The deposit is fully refundable to the resident if they are unable to proceed for any reason.  You may wish to discuss the documentation with a solicitor of your choice prior to signing. You may have an existing home to sell and we allow time to do this. Preparation and registration costs of the agreement are minimal. Your solicitor’s fees are of course additional and a matter of private negotiation.

Are there other costs incurred after I have bought my Occupation Right Agreement?

Brooklands residents are responsible for their own cottage: electricity, telephone services, cleaning interior/exterior, personal chattels and personal contents insurance. There is also the “Residential Rent Fee” to cover outgoings of the village.

What kind of continuity of care is at Brooklands Village?

One of the features at Brooklands Village is that we offer a range of high quality care facilities within the village. We give all residents priority access to the rest home within the village so you can remain living within the village community and in close contact with your spouse or friends at Brooklands.

If my health deteriorates who will care for me?

You have the choice of receiving supportive care in your home or (if it is deemed appropriate by your health advisers) transferring to Brooklands Rest Home for this care. Where ever possible, Brooklands residents are offered priority access to our Rest Home. If you meet the appropriate 'need' and 'asset criteria' for this care, it is paid for by the government. If you do not meet these tests, you will be responsible for the cost of this care.

Can I stay for Life?

The cottage can be occupied as long as residents are able to live in their own capacity. Very high levels of support in later years may necessitate a move to our Rest Home. Brooklands Rest Home is able to care for residents where their health deteriorates to require long stay Rest Home care. If hospital care is required we will arrange with family members a hospital or specialist care facility to receive appropriate treatment.

Are pets permitted?

Pets are discouraged, but subject to management approval, small dogs, cats or caged birds may be permitted.

What happens if we leave Brooklands?

When you exit your Cottage your Occupation Right Agreement payment will be refunded to you when the cottage is on sold to another occupier, less a Lifecare deduction of 27.5% of the purchase price. The Lifecare portion is amortised over a 4 year period. Full details are in the Occupational Right Agreement documentation.

What happens with the refurbishment of the cottage after I leave?

The refurbishment of the cottage is the responsibility of Brooklands Village for all Occupational Right Agreements after 1 January 2009.

Is there Capital Loss on the Property?

It is important to you and your family that you have certainty regarding the amount you are repaid when you leave Brooklands. The refundable deposit is secure against the property so that you are not exposed to capital loss when the cottage is on-sold.